Are your clients looking for different programs or more services? Are your constituents asking for evidence of greater impact? Does your strategy need some fine-tuning or a complete overhaul?


Are your board members actively engaged in the work of your organization? Are they focused on the most important issues? Are you making the most of their time and talents?


Are decisions made in a timely way, with the right information and robust discussion? Is your organization keeping up with best practices in its field? Are you looking for a smart, objective outside perspective to shine a bright light on critical issues?


Bobowick Consulting can help you.

Marla Bobowick is dedicated to helping nonprofit leaders do what needs to get done better, faster, smarter. After more than 20 years in the nonprofit sector, she remains impressed by the amazing accomplishments of nonprofit organizations and the individuals who lead them. Marla has also seen them wrestle with exciting opportunities and conflicting priorities, growing demand and limited resources, good intentions and poor communication.


Marla brings a smart, grounded, business-oriented approach to organizational leadership. Having worked with nonprofits with varied missions, cultures, and challenges, she is well versed in trends and developments affecting the nonprofit sector and adept at moving between the big picture and details.


Long-term positive change takes not only hard work and perseverance, but also careful research, critical analysis, and constructive debate. After working with Bobowick Consulting, your organization will benefit from a shared vision of the future, clarity of purpose and priorities, and improved communications.